Isaac stalls & pounds New Orleans; Minnesota heat builds; Blue Moon Friday

Isaac stalls SW of New Orleans early today

101 is.gif

Source: WxUnderground

NW at 6 miles per hour – Isaac’s slow forward speed

9″+ rainfall totals already at New Orleans lakefront Airport

10″ to 20″ rainfall totals likely from Isaac by Thursday

80 mph winds continue to lash New Orleans area

113 mph wind gust in Belle Chase overnight (SE of New Orleans)

Eyewall – still battering New Orleans today

500,000+ without power in LA, MS, & AL

20′ wave heights overnight just offshore from mouth of the Mississippi

Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois & Indiana 6″+ rainfall totals from Isaac this weekend

Google Maps Isaac Tracker:

Heat wave builds for Minnesota next 48 hours

Blue Moon: 2nd full moon of August Friday!

Live video for mobile from Ustream

Live coverage of Isaac from WWL TV in New Orleans

The Big Uneasy: Slow motion weather disaster in progress

Even after (a 2nd) landfall, Isaac continues to deal surprises.

Isaac slows to a crawl overnight, lingering over open water just offshore. That allowed Isaac to feed off of 82F+ degree water in the Gulf of Mexico and batter the New Orleans area through the night.

101 isaac ir.gif

Source: NOAA

With 9″ of rain already down in parts of New Orleans and the storm’s eyewall lashing the city today, it’s not a stretch to say that the forecast 20″ rainfall totals will “verify.”

101 Isaac stp.gif

NEXRAD “storm total precipitation” estimates show widespread 6″+ rainfall totals

Source: WxUnderground

So far the pumps and levees seem to be holding. But remember, Katrina did not show her devastating blow until well after landfall. We thought we dodged a bullet. It will be at least Thursday, or even Friday before we can safely say the New Orleans levee system withstood the test from Isaac.

From drought to flood:

Isaac’s rains will literally push some areas from drought to flood overnight.

As the storm crawls north over the next 2 days, flooding rains will spread into some areas hit hard by the drought of 2012. Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana could see 6″+ rainfall totals from Isaac by Labor Day.

101 qpf.PNG

Source: NOAA/HPC

It’s too late to help crops this year, but will help recharge soils & rivers. Rainfall from Isaac should help raise water levels along the southern portions of the nearly bone dry Mississippi River.

Minnesota Forecast: Late summer heat wave builds next 48 hours

Remember the hum of your AC unit? You may hear the chorus of air conditioners across Minnesota the next 2 days.

A “hot front” is pushing into Minnesota today.

101 wxs.png

Source: Twin Cities NWS

Temps will soar into the 90s in most of Minnesota today and tomorrow. In fact, temp forecasts for tomorrow show warm enough air about 5,000 feet above ground level to generate some 100 degree readings for southern Minnesota Thursday afternoon. Right now I’m sticking with my forecast of 100F for the metro Thursday PM.

If we get to 100 tomorrow, it will be the 3rd time this year, the most since 1988 when we sufferted through 4 days of 100+.

Satellite images show no big cloud masses to save us today from late summer sunshine that will boost temps. It could be worse; at least dew points are holding in the lower 60s in most areas.

The record high at MSP today and tomorrow is 96 degrees, there is a chance we may challenge that record both days.

A cooler front will ease into from the north Friday, and temps should fall back into the upper 80s, with dew points in the comfy lower 50s by later Friday.

Stay cool!

101 moon.jpg

Source: Wikipedia

Once in a “Blue Moon”

If you’ve been waiting for those things that only happen “once in a blue moon” Friday is your day.

The moon is full for the 2nd time this month on Friday at 8:58am. The first full moon occurred August 1st.

No the moon is not really blue. “Blue moons” occur on average every 2.8 years, so the next one won’t come until July 31st of 2015!


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