Isaac edges north; MSP sweats through 28th day of 90+ Thursday

10″ to 15″+ rainfall totals with Tropical Storm Isaac

60-75 people rescued Wednesday as Isaac’s storm surge pounded Plaquemines Parish SE of New Orleans

Drought buster – Isaac may ease drought in some areas

93F high temp at MSP Airport Wednesday

27th day of 90+ degree heat in 2012 in the metro

90s again Thursday but 100 degrees not likely now Thursday

Cool front slips through late Thursday PM

40s dew points? Much less humid & more comfy by Friday

Isaac deluge slides slowly north:

So far, Isaac’s wrath falls under the category of…bad, but it could have been worse.

Over 10″ of rain has drenched parts of Louisiana, and some 15″+ rainfall totals are likely.

101 isaac rafl.jpg

Source: NWS &

A 10 foot storm surge invaded Plaquemines Parish, the Mississippi Delta region that juts out into the Gulf of Mexico. NBC news reports 50 to 75 people were rescued in Plaquemines, some pulled from attics by boat.

Overall the pumps and flood gates appear to have worked as designed in New Orleans. That’s great news 7 years to the day after Katrina flooded the city.

Drought Buster:

Isaac’s rains are a good news bad news scenario for many.

The bad news is 5″ to 8″+ rainfall totals will cause short term flooding.

The good news is that as Isaac spins north, 6″ to 8″ rainfall totals fan out in an arc from Arkansas to St. Louis and central Illinois toward Indy. There arras are in severe to extreme drought and can use some heavy soaking rains.

101 hqpf.PNG

Source: NOAA/HPC

It may be too late for crops this year, but Isaac will recharge soils and rivers and may be a big step toward preventing a multi-year drought in some parts of the Midwest.

Minnesota Heat: 90s again Thursday…but cool front slides through

Our late season heat wave is here, and 90s are back through Thursday.

101 thu.PNG

Source: Twin Cities NWS

A cool front will slide south a little earlier than the models indicated on Thursday…and that should save Minnesota from triple digit heat Thursday.

Still days 27 & 28 of 90+ heat this summer is the highest number in over 5 years. We sweated through 27 days of 90+ heat back in 2007.

Is it just me, or does 93 degrees actually feel pretty good now?


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