Heat and humidity lingers

Mother Nature is turning up the heat this week. It is a good time to be positioned closed to cool water. Slow down. We will experience dangerous heat index levels through Thursday, particularly over southern Minnesota and adjacent areas.

One of the computer models is showing a chance that the thermometer could reach 100 degrees in the shade in the Twin Cities this afternoon. A heat advisory has been posted for all but far northeast Minnesota for today. Hot and humid conditions will push the Heat Index Value close to 105 for several hours. The record high for the Twin Cities for today is 96 degrees, set in 1911.


Source: NWS

The heat index does not take into consideration exposure to direct sunshine. Temperatures in the direct sunshine can be as much as 15 degrees hotter.

Mid afternoon temperature forecast from the NAM:


Source: Twisterdata.com

The UV index will be high. If you must be in the sunshine be sure to apply appropriate skin protection.


Heat safety Information from the National Weather Service

Severe thunderstorms are possible in northern Minnesota today. Stay alert for developing storms and the risk for gusty winds and hail from the lake country north.


We do not see a break in the hot temperatures until a weak cool front settles south of the Great Lakes on Friday. Temperatures may be close to normal on the weekend. Highs will likely still be in the 80s.

Take it easy today. Complete necessary outdoor chores early in the day if possible.

Soon we may be longing for a scene like this!


Photo by Craig Edwards