Memo from Mother Nature: relax

I’m already seeing back to school items being advertised. Have you had a chance to enjoy summer vacation yet? Hopefully you are immersed in a place that takes you away from the rush of everyday life.

The weather is not complicated today and it will have the feel of summer in Minnesota. Temperatures will be close to normal with sufficient sunshine for your outoor recreation.

Here’s your UV index for today. Careful with that scorching in the midday sun.


Summer rain has quenched the drought in northeast Minnesota and parts of northwest Wisconsin. Adequate moisture has dampened most of Minnesota for the agricultural growing season. If you have a profession in the ag business you are always looking for the next chance of moisture. The northwest corner of the state could use a generous soaking soon.


Fargo has a deficit of over two inches of rainfall since June 1. Some of the shortfall may be made up this week. NOAA forecasters project this rainfall potential over the next five days. The best chances for rain across the state of Minnesota appear to be setting up for the weekend.


Source: NOAA


Source: NOAA/NWS Duluth

Enjoy the summer weather this week. Don’t rush the back to school schedule. Relax. Dare I conclude by telling you that sunset in the Twin Cities is now 8:59 p.m. CDT? That’s four minutes earlier than the latest sunset near the solstice.

Craig Edwards

  • Carol

    Stores like Target should be given a “Time Out” for putting school supplies out the day after July 4th. My poor kids panicked and walked back to the car when they saw the stuff. Had a tough time finding any lawn chairs. Wonder whn they put out Halloween candy this year.