Live Blog: Duluth Flood Emergency; 10″ rainfall; Major damage

  • Ely

    The intersection of Woodland Ave and St. Marie street is underwater.

  • Disco

    Thank god for instagram. Now we know how 1960s-era photographic technology would capture a flood.


  • Great job, Paul on the live blogging page! Hard to see my homeland of Minnesota going through this from here in Atlanta, GA. Duluth is such a great town, too — visit in Aug there wont be the same with likely devastation to some areas. Don’t like this latest round of severe storms/heavy rain moving in. 🙁



  • Tammy


    I just drove for three hours trying to get to work on Haines rd. by the airport. I started out in Carlton – there was several spots with water over the road on county roads 3, 4 , 1 and 45 going into Scanlon. I then went south towards Scanlon, At Scanlon the North bound exist is closed due to construction, Hwy. 61 is closed due to the river being crested. I then tried to go into Cloquet – 33 closed due to flooding. I came back on #3 out of Cloquet into Carlton – it should be closed due to water over the road – cars were stalled in it. 23 go through MInnesota and Wisconsin also closed. I then drove south towards Mahtowa to get onto 35 north. I sat on 35 from the hill in Duluth up to Central Ave. Cars are trying to pass on both sides of the lane that is open. I could feel the bridge bouncing – I don’t know if it is designed to hold sitting traffic in three lanes ( up closer to Central) , once you get to Central they have 35 closed. Can you put some of these road s on the radio so people don’t end up driving like I did for three hours. On top of all of this power has been in and out in the Carlton area and phone are down in parts of Duluth.

    The funny thing is when I called MNDOT and the Roads and Bridges they said they didn’t have time to post closures on hazardous roads. I sure hope no one dies because they don’t have time.

  • Tammy

    I live in Carlton and work in Duluth by the airport. I drove for three hours trying to get to work. in Carlton County roads 3, 4 and 1 have areas that are under water. 45 going into Scanlon is also very wet and a spot right by Carlton under water.

    Hwy. 23 is closed

    Hwy 33 is closed

    Hwy 61 by Scanlon closed

    Parts of 35 closed, I sat on 35 from the hill up to Central Ave. the bridge was standstill traffic – I could fill the bridge bouncing. No phones across the area.

  • Jane

    East Skyline Parkway is closed from Mesaba Avenue to 19th Avenue East. Chester Parkway has washed out and there are mud slides covering part of the scenic drive in along these points. East Skyline does not have curb and gutters, so there is significant undermining of the road surface. Chester Creek is raging.

  • Shelly

    Does anyone know if Grand Ave near the zoo is open?

  • LMB

    Background info: This rain (8.1″) came on top of extremely wet soils. Here in Esko, my rain gauge has recorded 20″ of rainfall since May 20. It’s not official, but is consistent with other rain information from the NWS at Cloquet and WLSSD rain gauges in Scanlon, Proctor and far western Duluth. Before this rain the soil was “squishy” even on modest slopes.

  • Ann Possis

    Heard you mention in your talk with your Duluth reporter that you can’t get any news from the North Shore, so thought I’d fill you in about Cook County. I work at our local community radio station, WTIP, and the Internet is down there, but I have satellite Internet here at home.

    Because of the damage at Knife River, Cook County has no land-based Internet and no cell service. Land line phones are only working within each exchange. We have no 911 service either. Our radio station is acting as an information center for emergency broadcasts and information. We’ve been broadcasting phone numbers for individual fire stations all over the county, and for the hospital so people can contact them.

    We’ve received between 3 and 6 inches so far, depending on location. I live near Cascade State Park, on Lake Superior, and the lake is brown from runoff as I look out my window. Lots of water coming down the hillside onto 61, but so far it is passable, although there is standing water in places. We have not yet heard of any road closures.

    If you would like to speak with me, you can reach me on Skype at Ann Possis. best regards, Ann

  • Jim in Ashland

    Does anyone know if the airport is open?

  • Andy Tveter

    I am wondering if there is a place that is looking for volunteers to help with the cleanup.

  • Doug

    I just heard from a friend in Carlton. Everyone west of Hwy 45 is being evacuated. She lives about 2 blocks from the nursing home.

    Does anyone know what sections of Hwy 23 are closed due to mud slides? North of Hwy 1 or South???

  • Mary

    Andy and others who’d like to help,

    From a post above on the twitter feed…

    Comment from Diane Johnson in Duluth: “There really is a reason for the recommendation that people stay home. The roads are clogged…preventing emergency crews from helping those who really need it by causing accidents. This is probably worse than a snow event, and we should all take heed and stay home!”

    I’m guessing until it’s safe to travel there won’t be much clean up.

  • Jim in Ashland

    This band of storms is tracking right over the Ashland area, were getting hammered and it looks like it will continue for a while. I have no idea of whats flooding. The good news is we seem to have power and internet, so far.

  • M. Hart

    Is there flooding in Lakewood?

  • Bruce Johnson

    Does anyone know the status of the Minn Power Hydro Dam above Thompson? I heard that the dam was breached and Thompson is under water. Can any verify that?

  • Donna Giersdorf-Thompson


    We were told that the Thomson dam had failed, but there are no reports on the local news outlets.

    Here is another image from the zoo area. The railroad tracks across the road are suspended in mid-air after Kingsbury Creek washed away the earth holding it up.

  • Donna Giersdorf-Thompson

    Another thing the rainfall totals don’t reflect is the fact that we had at least two inches of rain on Sunday night/Monday morning. Our lawn mowing sites had standing water on the lawns at that point. The ground was already close to saturated before the 10+ inches arrived,

  • dave-superior

    Tried to get to Tompson dam around 4:30. The town of Tompson is flooded from the curve into town on hwy 1 from the east. We saw a good sized utility shed float down 1 through town. Then tried to get in from the west via 45 and 210. we figured we’d have to walk but firemen stopped us in Carlton and would not let us walk in. The fireman we talked to said the water had been up to the bottom of the bridge and that the 12ft relieif culvert had been blown out. He said the flood gates were wide open and the water was still topping the dam. another fellow was told the bridge was gone. Don’t know what the truth is, but it isn’t good

  • Shiner

    This is heartbreaking. I agree. I moved from my beloved little Superior apartment several years ago and it was one of the harder things I’ve done. It kills me to think of anything happening to that amazing historic structure.

  • faires

    I just found out my basement apartment is completely flooded and part of the street has fallen away. Does anyone know where I am suppose to take my family? We went out of town to take the kids to Nick universe in the twin cites and just found out our home is flooded.

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