“Maydream” continues: More records; Showers increase; 3rd earliest ice out

13 new temperatures records (lows & highs) in the past 9 days at MSP Airport, St. Cloud & Eau Claire

7 high temperature records in the past 9 days

6 new record warm minimums in the past week

Earliest 70s in 12 years last week

Earliest 80 on record Saturday in the metro

Ice out on most smaller metro lakes including Calhoun, Harriet & Phalen Sunday

3rd earliest ice out on ‘Tonka likely today or tomorrow

Shower & T-Storm chances increase today, especially tonight

Spring begins at 12:14am Tuesday

10 lh out.jpg

An “ice free” Lake Harriet Sunday

Unprecedented string of March records:

“Expect the unprecedented” is the new phrase when it comes to climate changes in Minnesota. We’re breakin’ stuff in the weather lab again today, with more records on the way. The warm weather hits just keep on comin’ this March.

11 tc records.PNG

11 mar 2.PNG

Ice out: 3rd earliest on record at Tonka today?

Ice went out on many metro area lakes Sunday including:







11 ice out.PNG

Tonka was still clinging to a stubborn broken sheet of ice last night, but it looks like it will go fast today or tomorrow.

11 tonka ss 1.jpg

Tonka clings to ice at sunset Sunday

11 Bug ice.jpg

Bug Island on Lake Minnetonka mixes with open water patches Sunday evening.

If ice out is recoded on Tonka today or tomorrow (March 19th or 20th) it will be the 3rd earliest on record according to the Freshwater Society.

10 ice out.PNG

Shower chances increase through tonight:

If the weekend felt like June & July, it will feel more like May today…with chances for April showers growing through tonight. The rain will increase in coverage and intensity tonight, with chances for local downpours as the system moves north into Minnesota.

Coverage looks spotty, but some lucky areas could pick up .30″ to .50″+ by early Tuesday. A second wave of showers may move in Tuesday night.

11 rw.PNG

There is a slight risk for severe weather, primarily south of Minnesota.

11 spc.gif

The rest of the week looks mild for March…more like April with 60s hangin’ in there.



  • John

    Hey Paul, what do the two week temperature outlooks show? Should we worry about any really cold stuff that could damage plants that are leafing out?

  • Disco

    Here’s a frightening thought that just occurred to me. Our recent highs have been a good 35-40F above average. Just think if that were to happen in July — we’d have highs around 120F. I’m guessing the likelihood of that is lower than what we’re seeing now. But who could have predicted this heat wave? This is by far the strangest March weather I’ve ever seen, coming off the strangest winter I’ve ever seen.

    I don’t think we can definitively say that July won’t also be very weird. I have to believe that insurance companies are sweating right now, and not from the heat.

  • Sandra Shanley

    Certainly seems like climate change to me. ss