Ice going fast; More records ahead; A shot at 80?

Most lakes ice free now in southern Minnesota south of the metro

70s return Friday through Sunday at least

80 degrees possible in southern MN and the metro through Sunday

More records likely next 3 days

Going, going…gone:

Numerous lakes are now ice free in southern Minnesota.

10 ice out thu.PNG

Here’s a great resource from the MN Climate Working Group and the MN DNR to track the ice out dates this spring.

Back to the 70s:

March is the new May…but it, might actually feel like June around here this weekend.

The 70s are back Friday though Sunday in southern Minnesota, and a shot at 80 is not out of the question.

10 rec.png

Temps will soar into the 60s in the north this weekend…with a rare March 70 possible.

Several records are in jeopardy the next few days. If we hit 70 4 more times this month in the Twin Cities it will tie 1910 for the most 70 degree temps ever recorded in March.

Drought persists: Lake levels low

The models are hinting at rain next week, let’s hope so.

The drought is still going strong in much of Minnesota.

10 usdm.png

Lake Minnetonka is running a good 2-3 feet below average and where it was last spring.

Docks on Minnetonka look like a 7 year old kid who outgrew a pair of pants. Long skinny legs sticking out well above the water level.

I’ll enjoy the 70s…and pray for rain!


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