Foggy & soggy Monday; “May-like” (record?) March resumes Tuesday

Rain at nearly all Minnesota reporting sites Monday morning- remarkable for March

.20″ at many locations so far

.25″ to .50″ totals in much of Minnesota today

Foggy & soggy visibilities 1/4 mile in fog at Alex, & St. Cloud this morning

Scattered showers taper off linger today, ending tonight

AM fog possible again Tuesday

66 record highs at MSP Saturday & Sunday

61 record high at International Falls & Ely Sunday!

Sunny & unseasonably mild weather returns Tuesday PM – Friday!

Record warmth possible again this week

1st 70 degree temps possible by Wednesday, and again Friday

Warmest March on record? A distinct possibility

9 mon wxsy.png

Rainy Days & Mondays:

And throw in some fog and the time change and you’ve got a murky Monday for sure.

Low pressure spinning over southern Minnesota will trigger showers most of the day. There are some breaks in the rain, and the system will pull out later today and tonight.

Most areas will see between .25″ and .50″ by the time all is said and done tonight.

-Latest Twin Cities radar loop

All Rain!

All Minnesota reporting sites with precip are reporting rain today. That’s remarkable for a weather system on March 12th. In most years we would expect snow at most sites on this date. But this is clearly not “most years.”

9 rain wunder.PNG

“May-tastic” run resumes Tuesday: More records this week?

It’s hard to fathom just how out of whack this warm winter into spring into instant May is this year.

We’ve literally jumped ahead two months into typical conditions for early May!

After some fog Tuesday morning the sun should return, and so will record challenging warmth.

Here’s a look at record highs for the rest of the week.

Day Forecast Record

Tuesday 66 69

Wednesday 72 64

Thursday 66 69

Friday 70 71

St. Patty’s Day 72 76

9 metts.PNG

Get ready to enjoy another run of May in March!

Warmest March on record?

The GFS and European ECMWF models both crank out temps a good +2- to +25 degrees vs. average for most of the nest two weeks. Other than a brief cooler spell around March 24th, it looks like we’ll reach April & May temp levels this month.

We’re already running +5.6 degrees at MSP this month. If you add in the next two weeks, we could easily be somewhere between 44 and 47 degrees for the overall average temp by the end of March.

The warmest March on record on the metro was 44.9 degrees set in 1910.

At this point I’d say we have a 50/50 shot at breaking that, and a 90% shot at having a “top 5” warmest March on record.


  • Chris

    So if we stay warm as predicted will this speed up the spring bloom? How about farmers does early warmth help in any way get a better or more crop? Second crop?

    The question is do the changes of spring (green grass, leaves on trees) arrive based on temperature alone or does daylight have an impact? Clearly daylight is the same this time of year no matter the temperature.