More records; Earliest “Ice Out” in 12 years? 80 in MN Wednesday?!

67 degrees another record high at MSP Tuesday!

Ice free lakes near Iowa border on NASA MODIS Terra image Tuesday

12 years last March “ice out” on Lake Minnetonka (March 18, 2000)

Arpil 14 Ice out on Minnetonka declared last year (at 5:14am)

70s a “sure thing” Wednesday in southern Minnesota

80 degrees possible Wednesday PM in southern Minnesota!

9 ice med.PNG

Ice free lakes already in southern Minnesota?

There are signs that some lakes near the Iowa border are ice free as of Tuesday afternoon. Take a look at NASA’s MODIS Terra image below.

9 ice lakes.PNG

UW NASA MODIS Terra image shows possibly “ice free” lakes near the Iowa border Tuesday!

I expect confirmation on ice out in some southern Minnesota lakes in the next day or so. If true, it would be a full 2 weeks ahead of schedule. The average ice out date for lakes near the Iowa border is about April 1st.

9 ice out south.PNG

Records fall Wednesday: A shot at 80 in southern MN?

Forget our 1st 70, that’s a lock Wednesday. It looks like we have a real shot at seeing the first 80 of 2011 in southern Minnesota Wednesday!

9 wed 70s.png

If you look at forecast 850mb temps (5,000 feet above ground) Wednesday afternoon you could easily get temps in the 80s later in spring. It looks like we might get enough sun to mix down some warmer air and send temps soaring into the lower 80s in southern Minnesota Wednesday afternoon!

Right now I’d say the Twin Cities could top out as high as 77 Wednesday afternoon…and 80 is not out of the question!



  • Bill Oyler

    Paul, any idea when the Grays Bay dam will be opened for the spring? Looking forward to getting the canoe out on the Minnehaha Creek…

  • Kyle MacPherson

    Bill, go check the lake levels of Lake Minnetonka. Unfortunately, without any rain that dam will be closed for a long time.