60 degrees! Warmest since November 12th; 60s return this weekend?

60 degrees high temp in the metro Tuesday!

+24 degrees vs. average in the metro Tuesday

Warmest since November 12th (64degrees)

64 degrees in Owatonna

50 in International Falls!

30s along the North Shore (Winds off Lake Superior)

Cool front Wednesday back to the 30s & low 40s

60s this weekend in the metro?

Spring Fever, Minnesota style:

I remember these first warm days in March so well as a kid growing up in Minnesota. After the long, grueling winters of the 70s it was like a celebration stepping off the school bus into new lakes and mini rivers on every corner. It meant spring was in the air, and soon we’d turn the corner from a white landscape to a sea of green grass and bright blue skies.

Tuesday felt like spring in Minnesota. There was no holding back the smiles and extra bouncy steps as Minnesotans of all shapes and sizes splashed through puddles and strolled the streets.

Big temp contrast:

Check out the “Wundermap” below and you can see the huge temperatures contrast spanning Minnesota Tuesday. It hit 70 in Sioux Falls near the southwest corner of Minnesota. Meanwhile an east wind off a frigid Lake Superior and deep snow pack stalled temps in the 30s along the North Shore!

(click images to enlarge)

6 wunder.PNG

Cooler front Wednesday: A few showers?

A “cool” front will slide in from the north Wednesday. The front may trigger a few rain and snow showers, and will push temps back a little closer to reality for early March.

6 wed cool.png

Highs in the 30s and low 40s return for mid-week.

Spring Fever Part II this weekend?

Temps soared past model guidance Tuesday. The sheer volume and intenisty of the warm air gushing north was underestiamted by the forecast models.

6 metty tmp.PNG

Yet another push of warm air is headed for Minnesota this weekend. In what could be “Spring Fever; The Sequel” … warm southerly breezes will again blow by Saturday.

This time the snow cover should be almost gone in most of southern Minnesota, and there will be little to stop temps from soaring.

Temps should be into the 50s again Saturday, and the surge of warm air should peak Sunday afternoon as temps may shoot into the 60s in the Twin Cities and all of southern Minnesota!

March Outlook: Early Spring!

Other than a few brief cool downs it looks like spring is here to stay this year…in March!

The medium range maps hint at many days in the 50s and 60s ahead this month, and little if any snow.

In fact it looks like rain is more likely this month. And some of it could be heavy…with the season’s first T-Storms arriving toward mid month.

6 814prcp_new.gif

Enjoy…and stay tuned!


  • Randy in Champliln, MN


    Allow me to quote what you said in today’s blog. “Temps soared past model guidance Tuesday. The sheer volume and intenisty of the warm air gushing north was underestiamted by the forecast models.”

    The ECMWF was very consistent in it’s last four days of runs bringing this kind of warmth here, granted it showed 60°, but it was much closer to what the GFS/NAM was showing.