Clearing skies, light winds and fresh snow cover add up to zero

A nice visible satellite image from around 3PM shows the clearing line through central Minnesota. As clouds break up overnight and winds drop off to less than five miles an hour, it we create ideal conditions for temperatures to chill down to at or below zero over the fresh snow cover.


The GFS forecast model paints the early Tuesday morning temperatures below zero in south central Minnesota. The pressure pattern and winds indicate the overall stillness in the chilly air mass.


Notice the cold temperatures in Colorado as well. Check out the computer model detailed resolution of the very cold mountain temperatures.

Minnesota will see a moderation in temperatures on Wednesday as relatively milder moves across the snow free landscape of western Minnesota. Fargo, North Dakota and Sioux Falls, South Dakota have accumulated less than an inch of snow so far this season. Another shot of cold air arrives for Thursday and Friday.

Temperatures may reach the thawing point Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

This morning I was tracking the very heavy rains in Indiana and Kentucky. The Louisville, Kentucky NWS Office has recently posted a story that the Derby City has set a new annual precipitation record. And at mid afternoon the rain continued to fall.


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