Target Field microclimate 2011: Is TF still a pitcher’s ball park?

You may recall my posting and analysis last year that the Target Field “microclimate” could be a home run buzz kill.

With two season’s worth of data in the books, it looks like that may be true.

Texiera Mauer Morneau & A-Rod.JPG

Twins & Yankees do battle at “roomy” Target Field.

(Photo by Paul Huttner)

Recall the numbers from the 2010 inaugural season at TF.

(Data from

1.43 HR per game average

2nd fewest in AL (14 teams)

3rd fewest in MLB (30 teams)

Now the 2011 numbers from TF’s second season.

1.56 HR per game average

3rd fewest in AL

8th fewest in MLB

11 tf hr plot.jpg

Scatter plot diagram of Target Field home runs.

Jim Thome crushes #598

Wit two seasons in the books it looks like Target Field is living up to it’s reputation as a cavernous ball park that can swallow potential home run balls that would fly out of some other parks in the majors.


  • Craig

    Ball park is a little more HR friendly for pull hitters. Delmon Young picked it up a notch when he was traded to the Tigers, Doubled his HR production. Good observation.