CME Impact: Aurora Explodes in Scandinavia!

Update 9:45pm:

Brilliant northern lights display in Scandinavia. Photos below courtesy of

Clearing skies mean auroras are still possible overnight in Minnesota.

3 aur 1.jpg

3 aur 2.jpg

Look north tonight. You might see the aurora.

5 noaa.png

NOAA says thee is a 58% chance of an aurora tonight.

A CME hit earth Monday, and it could trigger northern lights overnight.

6 aurora cme.gif

According to NOAA northern lights may be visible as far south as Missouri. That’s how far south the current “Auroral Oval” extends.

6 aur oval.gif

The best viewing is always away from city lights and with a good view to the north.

Check it out tonight!

Growing snow chance by Thursday?

I’ve said many times this month how closely I watch (babysit?) the forecast models in November. The models are notorious this time of year for playing catch up, as weather systems can rapidly form, deepen or change track on a dime.

It looks like Thursday may be one of those days.

Monday afternoon’s NAM and GFS runs are hinting at a low pressure system rapidly spinning up in Kansas and tracking into Iowa Thursday. The system may contain enough cold air and moisture to generate snow somewhere in southern Minnesota Thursday, and maybe in the Twin Cities.

6 snow.PNG

NAM model projecting snow into Minnesota Thursday!

It’s too early to tell if this system will come together, but the 18Z (Noon) NAM run is already cranking out a potentially shovelable event Thursday and Thursday night.

Stay tuned!


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