Once in a lifetime; Warmest October on record so far!

Oct 3 008.jpg

Warmest October on record so far at MSP Airport!

Confirmation for Pete Boulay at the Minnesota State Climatology Office this morning that this is by far the warmest october on record in much of Minnesota, and certainly in the Twin Cities. (My highlights)

“Hi Paul,

For October 1-9 at the Twin Cities Downtown Minneapolis and International Airport 1891-2011

Rank Value Year

1 68.7 2011

2 65.3 1914

2 64.4 2007

(The 1981-2010 normal monthly average for August is 71.2 degrees)


The numbers for October 2011 continue to amaze.

83 degree high at MSP Sunday

+21 degrees vs. average for October 9th

8th consecutive day at or above 80 degrees

58 year record tied for consecutive 80 degree warmth in October!

(Truly a “once in a lifetime weather event” for most Minnesotans!)

+15.4 degrees vs. average so far in October at MSP Airport!

-Anyone for 9 in a row? If the thermometer at MSP Airport hits 80 Monday (and we have a shot) that will make this the longest run of consecutive 80 degree days in October weather history at MSP.

Oct 10.jpg

Welcome to “Minnezona.”

If you want to put it in some perspective, this is what it feels like to live in Arizona. Day after day of gorgeous, sunny, dry weather. It’s the kind weather of monotony you can get used to in a hurry. Planning an outdoor event? No problem. Need a “Plan B” is case of rain? Probably not. Tee time tomorrow? See you there.

Best weather in the nation?

Yes it’s subjective, and we are creeping into drought. But if you look at the benefit to weekend travel/tourism in Minnesota and the boost for outdoor work for landscapers and contractors, farmers and the grain harvest…this stretch of weather is likely the best weather in the nation.

4 Oct tmp.gif

Temperatures Sunday afternoon show 80s bubbling north into Minnesota.

The 83 degree high at MSP Airport Sunday was warmer than Tucson (82) New Orleans(81) Tampa and Los Angeles! (74)

Changes ahead: October reality check this week

Two more days of mostly sunny mild weather will finally give way to a real October cold front this week. As the front pushes in Wednesday, some much needed bands of showers should light up radars in Minnesota, and temps will drop a good 20 degrees by week’s end.

4 tmps.PNG

Look for highs closer to 60 than 80 by Thursday & Friday. Just in case you’ve lost perspective…the average high for the metro this week is 61 degrees!

Drought Watch: Lake levels dropping fast

Our usually robust streams along the North Shore are a trickle these days. After record flooding this spring, lake and river levels are dropping fast in southern Minnesota.

Lake Minnetonka is down nearly 2 feet since May, and docks that were nearly underwater now seem too high on much of the lake.

4 tonks.PNG

Gray’s Bay Dam has been closed since September 6th, meaning three is no discharge of water from Lake Minnetonka into Minnehaha Creek these days.

Enjoy two more warm days….then get ready for some big, sweater searching weather changes this week!


  • Lars

    Paul Hutner:

    The meteorologist with only one shoe.

    I vaguely recall some past predictions about the sound of the other shoe dropping in the event of extreme, fast, and negative weather changes. Therefore, while the weather is still nice, I recommend that you start wearing just one shoe (socks are OK) in order to prevent the other shoe from dropping. Since there is no other shoe, we won’t hear the sound of the “other shoe falling”, and thus your listeners will magically avoid the advent of some extremely bad weather. Note to all meteorologists, especially you guys, start wearing only one shoe.