“Octobomb” 1 year later

It was a little windy last year at this time.

The October 2010 “Octobomb” or “Landicane” swept through Minnesota 1 year ago on October 26th-27th.

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Record setting “Octobomb” low pressure winds up in Minnesota last October.

The massive Low pressure system, a “mid-latitude”, or “extra tropical cyclone” set the all time low pressure record for the state of Minnesota. The details from the Twin Cities NWS.

“At 5:13 pm on October 26th, a pressure of 955.2 mb* (28.21 inches of mercury) was observed at Big Fork, Minnesota, located in the north central part of the state. The previous record was 962.7 millibars (28.43″), set on November 10, 1998 at both Albert Lea, MN and Austin, MN.”

8 octo sat.jpg

GOES visible satellite image from last year’s “Octobomb.”

The massive wind storm produced severe T-Storm strength wind gusts as high as 63 mph in Redwood Falls and Appleton, and gusts as high as 62 mph in the Twin Cities.

8 octo wind gusts.jpg

The system was unique in that two separate low pressure systems merged over Minnesota to create the deep intense record setting low. One low formed over northeast Colorado. A second low near the Black Hills in South Dakota merged with the Colorado low as they moved into Minnesota.

The merger of the two lows contributed to the intensification of the overall system.

8 octo path.jpg

8 octo barom.jpg

Barometers Showing Low Pressure on Oct 26, 2010

Courtesy: Minnesota State Climatology Office

Our quiet weather pattern this year is quite a contrast from the record setting low pressure of October 26-27 2010!


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