How Minnesota enjoys 80s in October: The day in photos

If a picture is worth a thousand words this would be the longest blog post I’ve ever written.

There’s no way I can adequately describe in words what 83 degrees in October feels like to Minnesotans, So rather than a bunch of Meteo-babble, I’ll show you instead. I hope you savored your own little slice of heaven Monday.


(Photos by Paul Huttner. Click to enlarge)

Oct 3 002.jpg

Pileated Woodpecker patrols Weather Lab maple Monday morning.

Oct 3 006.jpg

Kayaker soaks up afternoon sun on quiet water of St. Louis Bay on Lake Minnetonka.

Oct 3 011.jpg

One more day at the beach! Family soaks it in at Deephaven Beach.

(Note the lower water levels relative to the dock.)

Oct 3 016.jpg

Sailors at Minnetonka Yacht Club

Oct 3 013.jpg

St. Louis Bay glows with colors now.

Oct 3 018.jpg

Color splashes everywhere.

Oct 3 021.jpg

Classic Sumac red.

Oct 3 023.jpg

Tree swing anyone?

  • Thanks Paul.

    I was traveling back up from Iowa yesterday, and so didn’t have the chance to take any pictures on a beautiful and unnaturally warm indian summer day!