Winds howl today; Heat returns late week; Longest days ahead

Windy Day:

Batten down the garbage bins or you may find them in Wisconsin today.

A wind (and small pet) advisory has been hoisted for most of Minnesota today until 7pm. A tight “pressure gradient” behind a cold front is cranking up some howling winds today.

1 2 Wx story.png

Look for winds to swing into the west from 15-30 mph today, with some gusts between 40 and 50 mph. Winds should diminish after sunset tonight.

Summer “On Schedule”:

We think of Memorial Day as the “unofficial” start of summer in Minnesota. It felt pretty official Monday.

1 2 sfc.gif

Temps surged well into the 80s on Memorial Day

Monday’s high of 88 degrees ties (May 10th) for the warmest day so far in 2011in the metro.

88 degrees, Monday’s high temp in the metro

+13 degrees vs. average for May 30th

2 number of 80 degree days so far this year in the metro.

-1.0 degrees vs. average for May temps in the metro

4.04″ rainfall total for MSP Airport in May

+.93″ vs. average

May 2011 will go down as memorable for the strong EF1 North Minneapolis tornado.

1 2 MSP tor pic.jpg

1 2 MSP tor track.jpg

The twister caused the most damage from any tornado in the City of Minneapolis in 30 years, since the “Edina/Lake Harriet/Har Mar” tornado on June 14th, 1981.

Overnight storms caused damage:

A line of severe storms caused damage in eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota, but weakened before arriving in the metro overnight.

Winds were clocked at 72 mph at Fargo Airport with some damage and at least one injury in the city of Fargo.

Drier week ahead!

Today’s winds are ushering in a transfusion of drier air through mid-week. The fresh air mass features dew points that will plunge into the 40s and even upper 30s in some areas by early Wednesday.

The best chance of a stray shower or T-Storm this week appears to be late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning as a warm front pushes north.

Heat returns late week:

Summer-like heat will return Thursday and Friday as a warm front pushes back north. Look for temperatures to soar back into the 80s, with a shot at our first 90 degree reading in the metro by Friday afternoon.

Another cool front may bring a few boomers Friday night, and bring a drop in temps & humidity for the weekend.

Right now the weekend looks warm & fairly dry with highs near 80 degrees.

Longest days ahead!

We’re now entering the “brightest” 6 weeks of the year in Minnesota & the northern Hemisphere.

Daylight is now at 15 hours and 22 minutes in the metro this week.

Daylight peaks in just 3 weeks with the summer solstice on June 21st. On that day the metro will bask in 15 hours and 36 minutes of daylight, and just 8 hours and 24 minutes of “darkness.”

The Twin Cities and Minnesota will enjoy 15+ hours of daylight form now through July 24th!

The next 6 weeks are the best time of the year in Minnesota for those who enjoy early morning and long evening daylight.

Get out and enjoy!


  • Liz

    “The Twin Cities and Minnesota will enjoy 15+ hours of daylight form now through July 24th!”

    WHOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sure makes up for that extended SAD season we had.

  • Michael B


    I’m confused –

    Your first graphic says Sept 10th, 2010 with lots of rain coming, but your other posting info contradicts this. What’s up?

  • Nick N.

    Paul, like many of the rest of us unaccustomed to three-day weekends, you refer to yesterday as “Sunday” several times in your post. At least where I was (central Minnesota) Sunday was certainly not the beginning of summer! Monday, on the other hand…

  • Paul Huttner

    Hi Guys:

    Major computer malfunction this morning looks to be fixed. Hopefully all is correct now.