Tornado outbreak possible nearby


Read the details of this severe weather threat from the Storm Prediction Center here.

While this graphic indicates only a 15 percent threat of tornadoes, this is a relatively high probability over a large area. Keep aware of the severe weather potential in your neck of the woods today, particularly in southeast Minnesota.

Last night’s storms produced hail to nickel size in the south Metro along with drenching rains. Branches were reported blown down in Lakeville and winds were measured at 64 mph at Waseca.


  • James

    More of a question.

    Last night around 1 a.m. a thunderstorm developed near Apple Valley. It was a very small, isolated intense storm with no other storms nearby (50 miles plus or minus). The unusual aspect was that it had a continuous rumble of thunder that lasted for at least 1/2 hour (maybe longer because I was drifting off to sleep) with no breaks in it. The level/sound of the thunder intensity varied, but was definitely continuous. The NOAA radar picture of it showed a small diameter (maybe a mile or two) storm with yellow and red colors near the 35E/Cedar Ave intersection. It didn’t seem to move and the lightning wasn’t continuous or a big component of the storm while I listened to it in bed. I am 54 and have lived in MN my whole life and have never heard such a long duration occurrence of thunder like this. Any ideas on what was unusual about this storm?

  • Craig

    From what I can surmise about this storm, the line of thunderstorms was rotating north and then stalled out, east to west over your location, thus the long duration of thunder. Thunder from cloud to ground lightning rumbles the earth and can be heard from twenty-five miles distant. Thus if the storm slowed you had a period of high quality thunder.Craig