Cool weather waiting in the wings


This surface map from late Wednesday afternoon shows that high temperatures barely made it into the 50s (red figures) in North Dakota today. Clouds held temperatures down some ten degrees in eastern Minnesota from Tuesday’s temperatures. Yestersdays very warm maximum of 88 degrees in the Twin Cities was replaced with a high of 77 degrees.

The boundary for the zone of convergence and the initiation of strong thunderstorms has moved south of the Gopher State. Strong to severe storms are likely to be confined from eastern Nebraska to southeast Wisconsin overnight.


Here’s the eye in the sky view of thunderstorms splattered from Wisconsin to Iowa to Nebraska about 5pm CDT.

Another shift in the jet stream will bring a retun to below normal temperatures to our neck of the woods for the period Friday through Monday. It doesn’t look like a particularly pretty weekend for outdoor gardening. Overcast skies and bouts of showers dominat the weekend. Brisk north winds will produce a walleye chop on the lakes on Saturday.

Looking ahead to the latter part of May, we see a continuation of slightly below normal temperatures and a persistent wet pattern.

Here’s your precipitation outlook for the eight to fourteen day period. The odds favor above normal amounts of precipitation.


Spring the season of transition. Flurries on the 1st of May, upper 80s on the tenth and back to the upper 50s for Sunday.

  • Mike from Blaine

    Whoa! Craig! What happend to the first graphic splash? Looks like you spilled your morning’s alphabet cereal and milk on the web page as you were loading something readable. What does it all mean? A sadistic weatherman’s version of abstract art?! Ha, LOL, Craig. Have a nice (abet wet) day!