Storm season is upon us

We’ve had such a chilly start to spring it’s hard to believe that the threat of severe storms is perhaps right around the corner. Are you mentally prepared for the wrath of thunderstorms.

Eye-balling the latest weather maps, there is some consistency in the models placing parts of central and southern Minnesota in a risk for frisky thunderstorms on Saturday afternoon and evening.

Click on SPC Severe Weather Outlook page here.

This is still a ways out, but the Storm Prediction Center is giving a heads up on the potential for strong storms in their experimental long range severe weather outlook. The red circle for day four is for Saturday. The day five circle is for Sunday’s threat.

Today, the National Weather Service will conduct their weekly test of the NOAA Weather Radio All Hazard warning alert at 1pm. Do you know where your weather radio is? It’s a good day to track it down and plug it back in for a test.

Main stream rivers continue to be at flood stage or higher in most parts of the state. Overnight, the Red River at Fargo rose above major flood stage of 30 feet. The forecast is still on track for a crest of 38 to 41 feet early next week in Fargo.

Track the Red River flood forecasts out ouf Grand Forks NWS.

Here’s the latest outlook for liquid precipitation from NOAA for the weekend that was issued yesterday afternoon.


Is it any coincidence that the Twin Cities Metro Skywarn workshop is on Saturday in Minneapolis?

Still looking for an opportunity to become a Skywarn spotter. Here’s a link to upcoming Skywarn trainiing sessions. Check with your local NWS office for other training sessions.


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