Near blizzard conditions possible Saturday

As this storm system tracks out of South Dakota tonight and into southern Minnesota on Saturday a strong pressure gradient will develop. Look for wind blown snow to create near blizzard conditions in eastern Minnesota and Wisconsin. Duluth has already tallied nearly forty inches of snow this season.


There is likely to be some enhancement of the snowfall in Duluth/Superior as well as Ashland.

  • Keith

    Looking forward to hearing you “geek out” on the radio this morning! 🙂

  • Danielle

    I’m planning a lecture tomorrow in St. Paul and am trying to decide whether or not to cancel. This information confuses me. Are the near blizzard conditions going to be only in the area of Duluth or not?

  • craig

    thanks for asking. Blizzard conditions most of the state and into Wisconsin on Saturday. I would cancel. But I’m not from around here.


  • Danielle

    You’re a peach for answering my question on such a busy day. I decided to cancel. Am getting a lot of teasing, though. Getting teased about being a weather sissy is a pretty rotten thing for a Minnesotan, so I hope the forecast is right and tomorrow is a really big deal.

    Thanks for the recommendation!