Blizzard-like conditions

Radar at daybreak showed expansive area of snow over southern Minnesota and Wisconsin. Rain in far southeast Minnesota will change to snow soon.

Winds have increased to 40 mph in south central Minnesota. Blizzard conditions will last into the evening hours from western Minnesota and into Iowa.

Snow is likely to fall at the rate of an inch an hour for the next several hours.


Dangerous wind chills are expected. Don’t become a victim of this storm. Stay put if you can.

  • Tommy L.

    Thank you Paul and Craig for all the updates during this significant snow event. Time to fire up the snowblower!

  • Is it just me, or has the meaning of “blizzard” become diluted in recent years? According to Wikipedia, a blizzard is characterized by low temperatures, strong winds, and heavy snow.

    We’ve got heavy snow, but the temperature is pretty normal and the wind isn’t blowing very hard.

    This feels more like a regular snowstorm, not a blizzard, but I’m also in Minneapolis, so maybe this warning is targeted to other, colder, and blustery-er areas.

  • Kevin


    The Chanhassen, MN (MPX) National Weather Service office considers a blizzard an event with “35 mph or greater wind speeds, considerable falling or blowing snow, and visibilities frequently below a quarter mile are expected to prevail for 3 hours or more” (Watch, Warning, and Advisory Criteria for NWS Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN).

    I think today’s storm qualifies for significant parts of southern Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.