A taste of a thaw


Image of the surface pressure and temperatures for noon CST on Thursday.

Since late last week, meteorologists have monitored the computer models forecast track of a developing center of low pressure. At one point, the track and intensity would have placed a good hunk of Minnesota in a heavy snow band.

The most recent GFS model is still generating a decent storm system but pushing the track of the low further to our west. This would put much of the state into the warm sector (to the right of the low pressure track). Thus not only would there be less snow, but the potential for some freezing rain and perhaps just rain in southeast Minnesota later in the week.

A tally of monthly snowfall amounts shows a range of only about ten inches in northwest Minnesota, to as high as forty-one inches at Rochester. The measurements of snow, taken at the Twin Cities International airport have totalled 33.4 inches for December. That is a new record for December for Minneapolis/St. Paul, beating the old record of 33.2 inches set in 1969.

  • Kirk


    I haven’t seen you guys address potential flooding problems because of all of the snow (and now rain) that we are accumulating.

    Any thoughts?

  • Craig

    Believe me this is on the long range radar. I’m in close contact with the hydrologists at the North Central River Forecast Center. Dr. Seeley talked about the flood potential on Midday last Friday.

    Tne NOAA Spring snow melt outlook is issued at the end of January. The Minnesota River could be especially troublesome.


  • Toni

    Sounds like we better enjoy the snow now because 2 days of rain will put a dent in what we have not to mention the ice we will have when this storm is done. Didn’t we deal with rain and ice last Christmas ?

    I’m started to hate living here in December and January… 🙁

  • PAUL

    I have a flight out of MSP at 9am on Thursday.

    Will that beat the rain?

  • Craig

    Paul, timing is not everything, but you may be cutting it close at 9am. Theret could be an issue with ice fog as well before the temperature creeps above 32 degrees. I wouldn’t sweat it at this time. You’ll want to stay tuned.