West Metro on the pivot point

After watching the radar and satellite imagery for two hours, it appears that the snow pivot point is over Chanhassen. There is a notch of drier air pushing towards the Twin Cities from the southeast, but it may come to a halt as it reaches Lakeville.

This would put a longer duration of moderate snow from about Waconia to Elk River. Expect upwards of a foot of snow in the west metro. Already nine inches has accumulated in Deephaven and Maple Grove and in Eden Prairie I’m thinking another two to three inches are likely from 1130am to 4pm. Lesser amounts near the Wisconsin border toward Hudson.

From the Chanhassen National Weather Service.


Listen for information from MNDOT and local officials regarding travel. I know from the reports I’m hearing, it is extremely treacherous in the west Metro. Stay put.

  • What is a snow pivot point?

  • Mike Cole

    I loved the lightening and thunder as I was shoveling my driveway for the second time. Almost makes this wet heavy snow worth it!

  • Craig

    Pivot point is the epicenter of the rotation. Precipitation pattern on radar pivots around this center and the duration of snow lasts longer.