Snow becoming a memory


After measuring just shy of nine inches of fresh snow late Saturday afternoon, you can see how quickly the snow is melting away due in part to the mild soil temperatures. I purposely took this photo to show the micro-climate of the south facing exposure and the impact the spruce trees can have on collecting heat.

This is what occurs in the Northland of Minnesota in February when we see temperaures warm nicely in the forested areas on sunny days.

The snow had a water content of an inch. Ponds and creeks are showing the response to the weekend precipitation.


  • Ted Hanna

    I had been out of town this past weekend, missing the recent snowfall. Only to return home Monday to Greenwood to find no snow at all in my yard, driveway or garden areas. It seems that for the most part none of us northwest facing lakeshore residents here in Greenwood have snow. Only if you move a hundred yards or so off the shore is there snow on the ground. Some sort of reverse lake effect going on here?