Indian Summer 2010: 6th latest on record

The mercury topped out at 61 Sunday and 63 on Monday in the metro. 60s were common in much of Minnesota, with 70 in the southwest. If the metro hits 60 again Tuesday as forecast that will make three day in a row. That marks this the 6th latest (tie) stretch of 3 consecutive 60 degree days in the metro since 1938.

Here are the number form the Twin Cities NWS:

1 nov warm.png

Here are some other November Indian Summer facts:

-The average last 60 degree day in the metro is November 6th.

-A stretch of 3 consecutive 60 degree days in November occurs on average once every 6 years. While clearly not an annual occurrence, it’s not totally uncommon to have November warm spells such as we’re enjoying this year.

-Last year featured 5 consecutive days of 60 degree warmth.

(November 6th-10th)

-The longest and latest run of 60 degree temps in November was 7 days.

(November 12th-18th 2001)

Twin Cities evenings warmer than Florida:

Our upside down weather pattern is giving Minnesota warmer evenings than many locations in the southeast USA, including Florida. At 10 pm Saturday evening it was 50 degrees in the Twin Cities. That’s warmer than the 10pm readings that night in Nashville,TN & Birmingham, AL (35 degrees) and Pensacola, Florida (49 degrees) along the Gulf Coast!

1 10 pm temps.png


(click for bigger image)

It looks like our weather winning streak will last through Wednesday before a cold front brings us back to reality by week’s end.


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