Heavy snow with no hype

The National Weather Service has just posted a report of five inches of snow as of 6am at Fairmont. With what I am seeing on radar and out my window, along with this projection from the high resolution model, it is clear that the Twin Cities may see ten plus inches of snowfall. Again the greatest amount should be west Metro and up to Duluth.

The center of the low pressure was near Des Moines at daybreak. As it tracks toward LaCrosse, WI we will endure about ten hours of heavy to moderate snowfall.

The red on this graphic is ten inches of total accumulation by 6pm.



  • karen wunderlich

    wanting to go from Barnum to St Cloud to cheer our Barnum Bomber Football Team – they play at 3:00pm..looks like it will be bad for travel – even in a bus…true?

  • Marcia Hinz

    I have plans to travel from the Mankato area to Faribault today. By the looks of it outside, I am having second thoughts! The wind is hard and steady, with alot of heavy wet snow.

  • Quip

    “I guess the storm was just too much for them…” as the characters on the Island of Misfit Toys said. My Hubby turned around and came home after going 10 miles and seeing over 20 cars in the ditch in the western suburbs. You know it was bad, since this was his only opportunity to go hunting…..

    He says the roads have not been touched, or pretreated. Darn it.

  • Craig

    I just spoke with a snow plow contractor in the west metro. He is pulling his plows off the road. Too Dangerous. My advice stay home. You can barely get out of the neighborhood.