Solar storm in progress: Northern lights tonight?

The sun is springing to life the last few days in what astronomers are calling a “complex solar eruption.”

Sunspot 1098 marks an uptick in activity with solar cycle 24. The sun is expected to become much more active as it heads toward a solar peak in the next 2 years.

1 a sunspot 1098.jpg

The first burst of solar energy has hit the earth today. Check out this from today.

CME IMPACT! The first of possibly two incoming CMEs hit Earth’s magnetic field today at approximately 1730 UT (1:30 pm EDT). As a result of the impact, a polar geomagnetic storm is brewing. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras after nightfall.

Here’s a video of the eruption from August 1st.

Keep an eye out for possible northern lights which may be visible as far south as Missouri tonight!

1 a aurora map.jpg


  • Fidel

    What time, and how far out of the cities does one need to go to see these lights?

  • Susan

    Northwest Wisc; Hayward.

    What time to look? Wednesday .

    Didn’t see anything at midnight; presume they came later?