Fresh air filters in

What a difference a day makes.

A dry and welcome transfusion of clean Canadian air is giving air conditioners a rest in the Upper Midwest today. Dew points have dropped from the tropical 70s into the comfortable 50s over the past 48 hours.

1 a dewps 2.gif

The drier air will last through Friday, before a warm front gurgles back north and brings a renewed surge of 90 degree heat and sticky humidity this weekend.

1 a dewps.jpg

Dew points may spike well into the sticky 70s again by Sunday!

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As the front bubbles north Saturday, it’s likely a few thunderstorms will follow. One or two has the potential be severe later Saturday night into Sunday, according to SPC.

1 a a spc sat.jpg

Aurora strikes again:

Reports indicate the northern lights flashed again last night in northern Europe. Apparently the sky was lit brightly enough to show the aurora over the city lights of Stockholm, Sweden. Amazing images were also captured over Norway.

Check out to see the latest images.

Colin part 2?

The remnants of what once was tropical storm Colin show signs orf renewal in the Atlantic. NHC says there is a 50% chance that the system may reach tropical storm strength once again.

1 a a colin.jpg

The suite of forecast models steer Colin harmlessly out to sea away from the east coast.

1 a a hurr models.png


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