Fire danger, mostly low


Remember how wet it was in far northwest Minnesota? Last year’s growing season was cool and damp. Check out this latest map from the DNR highlighting the drier regions of the state.

Overall, moisture has been plentiful this growing season, with too much rain coming in short periods in several locations. The North Shore has been the driest pocket. Based on the graphic, one might conclude downpours have been sparse in far northwest Minnesota as well.

Pondering this morning about whether the White House consults their own meteorologist when making a decision about heading out on vacation. The First Family has experienced several days of rain in Martha’s Vineyard. Another rainy day is on tap for today.

Looking back through July and August in the Twin Cities there have been only seven days since the 1st of July when the average daily temperature has been below normal. This short-lived intrusion of cooler air is not really breaking news. It will be cool; no doubt, but a quick rebound is seen for the weekend. (Can we count Friday as the weekend, like some golf courses?)

Remember the period from August 15th through the 18th when the maximum temperatures in the Twin Cities were in the upper 70s? Look for an afternoon high temperature of about 75 today in the Metro.

Cool, if you arrive at the State Fair at daybreak on Thursday. Enjoy the warm sunshine for the afternoon.


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