Smoke from Canadian fires drifts into Minnesota

You may notice some vivid reddish sunsets the next few days in Minnesota.

A shift to a northwesterly wind flow in the upper atmosphere is feeding smoke from Canadian forest fires aloft into the skies over Minnesota.

1 a a a canada smoke.jpg

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


THROUGH 0102Z July 29, 2010

Central Canada:

The numerous large wildfires of SE Northwest Territories, SW Nunavut,

and N Saskatchewan continue to emit copious amounts of dense smoke.

Dense smoke covers a large portion of N Saskatchewan into W Manitoba, the

NE corner of ND and the northern half of MN. Moderate smoke is connected

to this area over central and northern Saskatchewan over SE NW Territories

and S continental Nunavut into much of western and northern Hudson Bay.

A few other areas of moderate smoke can be seen over N Lake Superior

and NE Ontario as it moves S and SE around the western side of the large

vortex over James Bay and E Quebec.

1 a a a vis smoke.jpg

Morning GOES 1km visible image shows smkoy smudge from NW-SE from St. Cloud through Twin Cities area.

Next rain Friday:

It appears our next shot of rain will roll in Friday. Expect a chance of showers and storms to move into northwest Minnesota tonight and overspread the state Friday.

1 a a fri rain.jpg

The best chance for heavy rains appears to be in the southwest half of the state, but the system will have to be monitored.

In the mean time, enjoy a picture postcard Thursday, and watch for a reddish sunset tonight!


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