Photos on a lazy July day

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m doing the Maytag weather repairman thing today. No storms. No heat waves. No flash floods.

Just a beautiful classic July day with pristine puffy white cumulus clouds drifting lazily overhead.

So hear you go. Here are some photos I snapped from around the weather lab capturing the day for those of you who may have been stuck inside today.

Hope you can enjoy.


1 a wx lab July sky.jpg

Puffy “fair weather” cumulus drifting by in a blue July sky.

(Photos by Paul Huttner. Click for bigger images)

1 a wx lab lily 1.jpg

Lilies enjoy recent rain and sunshine.

1 a wx lab hydrangia 1.jpg

Hydrangea puffball

1 a wx lab flower cu2.jpg

Mini dahlia

1 a wx lab lily 2.jpg

Lilies again

1 a wx lab hosta deck.jpg

Plenty of rain for the hostas this year

1 a wx lab renegade snap.jpg

Renegade snap dragon finds a home.

  • Beautiful blue skies and flowers. Not much better for a July day.