Mosquito Tracker: Find your nearest breeding area

Heavy tropical downpours and warm humid weather have set the table for a mosquito boom in Minnesota.

Here’s a great way to spend some quality indoor air conditioned time these days. Track the likely breeding location of those mosquitoes buzzing in your back yard.

The Metropolitan Mosquito Control District has a great way to do just that. You can check breeding areas close to your home or favorite park, and find out when they were last treated. You can also find out what kind of mosquitoes breed in your local area, and whether they may carry the West Nile Virus.

1 a mmcd.PNG

MMCD image shows breeding areas (circled in orange) near Lakes Calhoun and Harriet. (click for bigger image)

With prime West Nile season just ahead in late summer this is a good time to remember to drain all the little things around your yard that can collect water and become mosquito breeding holes. Buckets, plant containers, anything that holds even capful of water can become a breeding ground this time of year.

Here’s hoping you can stay relatively bug free as we enter prime mosquito season in Minnesota.


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