June Monsoon

Here comes the rain again.

Our seemingly never ending series of rainmakers continues today and Tuesday in Minnesota. A slow moving upper level low pressure system is sliding overhead today with another round of showers. The system will linger through Tuesday beofre finally clearing out and allowing a return to sunshine by Wednesday.

It appears our latest wave will produce widespread .25″ to .50″ rainfall totals over the next 36 hours.

1 a qpf met.jpg

Model and NWS rainfall forecasts.

(click for bigger image)

1 wx lab hostas.jpg

Weather Lab hostas prepare to soak up another rain.

We really shouldn’t be too surprised about the rain this time of year. June is our wettest month, climatologically speaking in the Upper Midwest. The Twin Cities (And most of Minnesota) sees an average of 4.34″ of rainfall in a typical June.

A check of rainfall numbers this morning shows many areas have soaked up about 2.5″ to 3″ so far thins June. That’s about an inch more than average month to date, give or take.

1 a MaxT3_mpx.png

A return to sunshine by Wednesday should boost temps toward 80 degrees.

Twin Cities radar loop

MNDOT traffic cams

La Nina Returns?

1 a sst anom.gif

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center (CPC) reports that El Nino is history after rapidly dissipating in May. Rapidly cooling sea surface temps (SST’s) in the tropical Pacific indicate a shift to a possible La Nina pattern this summer.

It may take a few months for atmospheric circulation patterns to shift, but it could mean a more active hurricane season, and potentially a colder winter for the Upper Midwest.

Oh joy!


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