Twins Forecast: Play Ball!

3pm Update:

As if on cue, two rain areas are splitting north and south of the metro. There’s still a slim chance a shower could develop overhead as the front moves through, but the best chance is for the game to go off dry, with even some sunshine filtering through.

Play Ball!


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Noon Update:

Showers continue to hang west and south of the metro. Good news so far. We’ll have to see how things develop as the front moves through this afternoon. There is still a chance of rain, but it’s looking better by the hour.

Outdoor baseball is back in Minnesota!


It’s going to be touch and go for rain at Target Field today.

If you are headed out to the game today, be prepared for a little bit of everything.

Here’s the breakdown on the forecast today.

-A warm front is pushing moisture north into southern Minnesota. The front is pushing more moisture (dew points in the 40s and 50s) into the region today.

-The system is battling dry air initially over the Twin Cities where dew points are in the 20s. That may mean that some of the rain initially may evaporate before it reaches the ground.

-Various forecast models are bringing the best chance of scattered rain and thunderstorms into the metro between about noon and 4pm. There may also be some lighting and thunder as the system moves through this afternoon.

18 gfs.gif

GFS forecast model paints rain into the metro this afternoon.

As is often the case with springtime weather systems, the showers will be scattered in nature. That means there is a chance Target Field may be able to dodge some of the showers today. It could easily be pouring in Bloomington at the MOA (and old Met Stadium site) and not raining at Target Field, or visa versa! There may even be sunny peeks at times today.

Target field is well designed to handle rainfall, so even if we get a batch of showers and thunder, I think it is likely they will play the game today. The dicey part of the forecast looks to be during the pregame and first part of the game today.

After the front pushes through this afternoon, we may see a clearing trend and breezy and milder weather should move in for this evening. Temps should be in the 60s at gametime. Winds should be from the southeast at 10-20 mph. That’s blowing in from the outfield.

Here are some resources to keep track of the changeable weather today!

-Twin Cities radar loop

-Latest hourly observations

-Latest surface map

-Target Field Cam


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