New images: Oil rig accident from space

There are some remarkable images coming in from the NASA’a MODIS satellite showing the sequence of events surrounding the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Check these out. You can see the high res images here.

1 oil smoke plume.jpg

April 21st NASA MODIS Aqua images show smoke plume from burning oil rig off the Mississippi Delta.

1 oil slick.jpg

April 25th image shows the growing oil slick in the Gulf.

(click for bigger image)

1 oil slick ecu.jpg

April 25th extreme close up of southwest edge of the oil spill. Note the individual ships visible near the edge of the oil slick.

(click for bigger image)

There are signs that southerly winds will pick up along the Gulf Coast by Friday and into the weekend. That could bring the growing oil spill ashore along the Gulf Coast and barrier islands by this weekend. Stiff southerly breezes of between 15 and 30 mph will begin to blow ahead of a cold front Friday.

1 wind sat.png

New Orleans NWS graphical wind forecast for Saturday shows stiff southerly winds blowing toward the Gulf Coast.

Residents along the Gulf Coast are hoping for a miracle to keep the expanding oil slick away from the shoreline. Looking at the weather forecast that’s exactly what they’ll need.


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