Perfect timing: Dry weather pattern prevents flood catastrophe


The Crow River in Delano rises just below the bridge deck on Bridge Street in Downtown Delano Saturday. (Photo courtesy Twin Cities NWS)

Better lucky than good.

The dry weather pattern of the past 11 days has likely prevented what could have been a major flood catastrophe on many area rivers. We’ve had no significant rain or snow in the Upper Midwest since March 11th. Those 11 dry days come at a critical time when rising rivers were most vulnerable to even more rapid rises due to rainfall super charging river levels.

The weather maps look favorable for our mostly dry pattern to continue for about another 10 days. It appears there is a chance for a significant rain event along about April 2nd or 3rd. By then, river levels should have fallen enough that a good shot of rain may not create too much in the way of additional flood woes.

1 10 day pcp.gif

CPC 6 to 10 day precipitation outlook favors continued dryness for the Upper Midwest.

If we had received heavy rain over the past 10 days, we might be fighting all time record high levels on most area rivers today, instead of top 10 floods of record.

After the perfect storm of winter snow, spring rain and record warmth that caused our floods this spring, we can be thankful that the weather pattern shifted into dryness during this critical 20 day stretch.


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