Flood Watch: Quiet in Mankato

michelle.JPGMichelle Parsneau lives about five blocks from the Minnesota River in downtown Mankato. She’ll be giving us occasional updates on what’s going on in her community.

The mood in the neighborhood seems good. Everyone is happy about the gorgeous sunshine, while I personally can’t help but wonder if it is going to accelerate ice melting, adding to the river. My husband, a professor at Minnesota State, reports that some students who commute from out of town have told him that due to possible flooding, they’re not sure if they will be able to make it to class in the days ahead. But, even at that, he says that not too many students have said anything.

At this point, I really think people either don’t think the river will get that high, or assume the flood wall will prevent any problems. I know that in the last year there have been a few news items about national evaluations of the wall and maintenance costs, so I think people feel secure that the wall has been properly cared for and that they will be safe.

  • Marcia

    I was at Sibley Park in Mankato, 3/17/10. The river has over flowed the banks of the river, and the island, where the Blue Earth River enters the Minnesota River is under water.

    This morning, 3/18/10, on my way to work, it looked like Land of Memories Park is totally underwater.

  • Marcia

    In Mankato, the Land of Memories Park is closed. The entire area is engulfed in river water.

    Yesterday I drove into Sibley Park, to see the river. It is now blocked off to traffic. The walking trails are closed at the park and all along downtown Mankato.

    There are people on foot, in numbers higher than normal, to see the site!

  • Steve Smisek

    I have been kayaking the rivers to try and enjoy their current state. I feel for those affected by floodwaters, hang in there, they should crest soon. The amount of tributaries in the watershed here are phenomonal. Be careful to all who float the area, respect the power of the river, and have fun. Life jackets and wetsuits are a must, along with a couple other people to look out for each other. Made it from Rapidan Dam to riverfront park in less then three hours. Good times.