Flood Watch: Optimism in Moorhead

bradleeser.jpgBrad Leeser lives in Moorhead. He took some photos of what’s going on in his city today and sent along this update:

There is a sense here in the Fargo/Moorhead area that we are prepared. People are more calm than last year. This is probably for several reasons. First, we know we survived a crest level several feet higher than what is predicted for this year. Second, the Fargo/Moorhead area is getting pretty savvy as to how to defend the city against the Mighty Red. Third, flood preparations began several weeks ahead of the actual high water. And lastly, and perhaps this is a bit disconcerting, I have sensed a “ho-hum” attitude about the flood. In other words “Here we go again….”.

Last year, I put drain plugs in my home, moved anything of value out of the basement, and took other preparations in anticipation of high water. I have done none of these things this year. Day-to-day life is not affected much for most people except that some city streets and bridges over the Red are closed and the ones that are open in the downtown areas have extremely heavy traffic as a result of those closures.

There is a sense of optimism and a sense that unless something drastic happens we will make it through this flood with flying colors. I hope so.

Looking west into Fargo at the toll bridge in North Moorhead


Usher’s House restaurant on the Red River in Moorhead

ushers restaurant.JPG

Parking ramp at Moorhead Center Mall

parking ramp.JPG (All photos taken by Brad Leeser)

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