Flood Watch: Getting to work in Fargo

Mark_Olson.jpgMark Olson is a brand consultant living in Fargo. He’ll be updating us on what’s happening in his community. As he came home to Fargo last night from Moorhead he found the south side of the city bustling with activity.

South of 52nd Avenue there was lots of activity all along the river. Clay dikes being built where possible. Sandbag dikes where heavy equipment can’t access.

Lots of people building sandbag dikes in the South Rivershore Drive neighborhood. National Guard out in full force there. Humvee and a trooper at every entrance point.

Lots of heavy trucks hauling clay to areas back in the river bends. It appears the city has everything under control and is confidently progressing as planned.

It is definitely reassuring knowing that the folks who are planning and executing the plan have such good and recent experience.

Although, for everyone’s sake, I hope the crest at holds at 38 feet or less. All the folks who fought to protect their homes just a year ago deserve a break.

Mark took these photos on his way to work this morning:

elm street.jpgThe intersection of 14th Ave. and Elm St. North in Fargo

mickelson field.jpgMickelson Field, home to Little League and fastpitch softball games.

clay dike.jpgThe clay dike built on 2nd Street to protect city hall.

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