Water forum tonight at Breck School

There’s a great opportunity tonight to learn more about our water resources and climate change. The event is at Breck School this evening. Here’s the scoop.

“Perspectives on Water in our Changing World”

January 20, 2010


Breck School Theatre, Minneapolis


Deb Swackhamer (10min) Policies for Sustainable Management of Water

Mark Seeley (10min) Water and Climate Change

Joan Nephew (10min) Water is Life Report and Art Contest

~ 6:45 Jeff Horwich asks first question

Open to Q&A with audience

The event is sponsored by WorldSavvy, the Water Resources Center at the U of M, the Freshwater Society, MPR, and Breck School.

This should be a great event, please feel free to show up and listen or join the discussion!


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