New world wind record verified


Tropical Cyclone Olivia lashes Barrow Island Australia in April, 1996.

For 62 years Mt. Washington, New Hampshire claimed the title of world’s worst weather. Well, at least the highest wind gust ever recorded.

That record was literally blown away this week.

A panel of scientists from the World Meteorological Organization confirmed this week that Barrow Island, Australia is now owner of the world’s highest recorded wind gust. The peak gust of 253 mph was recorded during the passage of Tropical Cyclone Olivia on April 10th, 1996.

That eclipsed the 231 mph wind gust recorded on Mt. Washington in 1934 by 22 mph. The Mt. Washington gust stood as the world record for 62 years.

The World Meteoroloigcal Organization’s Commission for Climatology’s panel of scientists reviewed several wind gusts recorded during Olivia’s passage. They looked at gusts of 186 mph, 229 mph and 233 mph which helped support the conclusion that the reading was accurate.

The 3-second gusts were recorded by a heavy duty 3-cup Synchrotac anemometer operated by the Chevron Corporation at the 33 foot level above ground. Barrow Island is located 31 miles off the northwest coast of Australia.


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