Weather forecast for sale


NOAA surface map today shows scattered areas of rain around the nation.

What’s your weather forecast worth today?

According to a NOAA survey from the National Center for Atmospheric Research today’s weather forecast is worth…a whopping 10.5 cents. Ouch!

The numbers get better as you dig a little deeper though.

According to NCAR survey author Jeffrey Lazo, the public places the value of a single forecast around 10.5 cents. But U.S. adults use about 300 billion forecasts a year, this adds up to $31.5 billion total. This does not include the value of private sector forecasts that save energy and other weather sensitive companies billions each year.

Here are some more numbers about how we use weather.

Out of the 1,520 people surveyed, 1,465 said they use weather forecasts to make daily life decisions. Those decisions range from whether to carry an umbrella or where to vacation, to critical life-saving decisions like taking shelter to escape a tornado.

85% of us check the forecast daily just to find out what the weather will be like.

The average person accesses weather forecast 3.8 times per day. That number varies day to day depending on planned activities.

The survey also says the top three ways people get weather forecasts are

local television stations, cable television and commercial and public radio.

I guess the real question is, what’s it worth to know it’s going to rain on your wedding day or graduation party or that trip to the Boundary Waters? One good weather forecast can save you a lot of dough.

Deluge dents drought:

Our weekend deluge that dumped 3 to 6 inches of rain has put a dent in the drought in the south and southwest metro. Today’s Drought Monitor shows the area has been knocked back from extreme to moderate drought. That’s good news, but there are still areas around the Twin Cities into Wisconsin that are as much as 8 inches below average rainfall this year.

Take it easy in the heat the next few days!


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