Root beer float week


Forecast high temperatures Thursday show 90s are here.

We’ve been waiting for a week like this at the Huttner Weather Lab.

Every year we declare root beer float week. The deal is you have to pick a week where temperature and humidity levels are high enough that root beer floats have to taste really, really good. That usually means 90 degrees. It’s been a slow summer for root beer floats so far. This is the week.

A slow moving lazy ridge of high pressure is building into the Upper Midwest this week. That means plenty of sunshine, warmer temperatures and increasing humidity. Look for highs pushing 90 in southern Minnesota Wednesday through Friday. Dew points will climb from the comfy 50s today into the upper 60s later this week.

Even northern Minnesota, which has had trouble hitting 80 this summer, will put together a string of days in the 80s this week. That will help warm up the unusually chilly lakes. That’s good news for weather lab residents who just might be heading up the Boundary Waters in about 10 days.

The flow turns southwest aloft as we head into the weekend. That may bring increased chances of thunder and heavy rain. Let’s hope we can get it done after dark for the PGA Championship in town at Hazeltine this week.

Enjoy Minnesota finest summer weather this week!


  • John Reinert Nash

    Saw a banner by Eden Prairie Culvers…. Root beer floats on sale for PGA week. Maybe they read Updraft!