My kind of cold front


Visible satellite image from mid afternoon shows the nice clearly that took place over central Minnesota from the early morning overcast.

My wife wryly commented this morning, as the grey overcast persisted and the last remaining sprinkles were ending, it’s going to have to go some to reach 80 today. It was 67 at 11am with cloudy skies. Around 3pm today the mercury topped out at 80 degrees in the Twin Cities.

Ahead of the cold front last night the dew points climbed from the upper 50s to the upper 60s. This low level moisture met up with winds shifting from south to north in the early morning hours. Showers and thundershowers danced through eastern Minnesota until about mid morning.

At lunch time skies began to brighten and sunshine dominated the afternoon. The dew points fell back in the upper 50s, as a northwest wind added to the freshness of what seemed like an entirely new day.

I like them cold fronts that give us some overnight rain while only lowering the temperatures a couple of degrees.

The weekend cold front appears to have a little more giddy-up.


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