From not much, to something worth writing about


When I retired last evening, there wasn’t too much to write home about on the radar. Just a few spotty showers south of Alexandria and west of Willmar.

Overnight, nature got a little agitated from a mid level jet swirl and a southeast moving cold front. These features ignited some stronger storms that extended from Springfield, MN into Baldwin and Rice Lake, WI. Some of the rainfall totals ending at 7am, included one inch at both Stillwater and Springfield and just shy of two inches at Baldwin. Chanhassen recorded about two thirds of an inch.

As you can tell from the Doppler imagery, there was a nice swath of rain from southwest to northeast. The image includes moisture that fell after 7am. The heavier rainfall totals once again bypassed Eau Claire to the north. The yellow shading is two or more inches.


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