Forecast: More rain, cold air funnels possible today


NWS rainfall forecast shows more rain for the Upper Midwest Thursday.

The slow moving low pressure system that triggered severe weather Wednesday is hanging around the Midwest today. We may not see widespread severe weather today, but you can expect more rain and the possibility of a few strong thunderstorms.

We are on the back side of the upper low today. That means cooler weather with areas of rain and maybe a few thunderstorms this afternoon. Because of the spin around the low center, we may see cold air funnels this afternoon. Some of the storms may also contain hail and gusty winds today, so be prepared.

Funnel 7-22 450pix.jpg

Funnel cloud west of the metro this summer is similar in appearance to cold air funnels.

Cold air funnels are common on days like today. Cold air aloft and spin in the atmosphere can work down to cloud bases and trigger the funnels. While cold air funnels are usually not as strong as most tornadoes, they can occasionally touch down and do minor damage. It is not out of the question that tornado warnings could be issued this afternoon for cold air funnel sightings.

Bring your umbrella, and keep a weather eye on the sky today.


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