One state, two forecasts


Visible satellite image shows cloud deck hugging eastern Minnesota, while the west basks in sunshine today.

It’s not that far from the Twin Cities to Willmar. It might as well be halfway across the country for the difference in weather today.

For the second day in a row bank thermometers are flashing close to 80 degrees in Willmar while we sit under cool cloud deck with a chilly breeze in the 60s in the metro.

That’s what a cold upper low can do in summer. This one has been spinning over the great lakes for a few days now, and we are living on the western edge of the cold pool here in Minnesota. The low stratocumulus deck hugging Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota means less incoming solar radiation. That’s called sunshine for most of us.

It’s interesting to se the difference in temperatures today. The air mass properties are generally the same, the entire temperatures spread from west to east across the state is due to the difference in sunshine. Check out these temps just a few tens of miles apart at 2pm this afternoon.

Twin Cities: Cloudy 67

Willmar: Sunny 79

Canby has already hit 80 degrees this afternoon.

Here’s the good news. Those 80s are headed this way. We should be near 80 tomorrow in the metro, and into the 80s Friday. A weak weather system looks to bring a slight chance of showers Saturday for the 4th. Stay tuned on that one.

Enjoy more sunshine tomorrow and Friday!


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