Weather for lawn and garden

Long daylight with brilliant sunshine, accompanied by low relative humidity can result in considerable evaporation. It has been about ten days since a good soaking rain has fallen across the south suburbs of the Twin Cities.

So far this year, Minneapolis/St. Paul has reached 80 degrees or warmer on seven days. As of this date last year, the International Airport had already logged eleven days of 90 degrees or greater. Temperatures will reach toward 90 degrees in western Minnesota by the middle of the week. Readings in the 80s are expected in east central Minnesota.

The crest on the Mississippi has now moved through Hannibal and nearing Clarksville. Old Man River is expected to remain high in St. Louis through the week, but come up short of major flood stage.

Monitoring the Mississippi River

Here is a great web site to monitor a variety of weather elements that can assist in maintaining your lawn and garden as we move through the heart of the warm season.

Information provided by the University of Kentucky for agricultural interest


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