Signs of summer

What a difference a year makes.

We’ve hit 80 degrees a whopping 3 days so far this year in the Twin Cities. Last year, thermometers had already flashed 90 in the metro 8 times by this date. By the end of last summer we hit 90 degrees 27 times in the metro. With July two weeks away, that number seems out of reach this year. We may even have a tough time getting to our average of 13 days of 90 degrees.

Our average high hits 80 in the metro this week. It stays there until August 20th. The good news is the weather pattern is trending drier and warmer over the next two weeks. It appears we’ll see a stretch of highs in the 80’s, and maybe even our first 90 cropping up in western Minnesota late next week.

The full “Strawberry Ripening” (Dakota) full moon rises at 9:36pm tomorrow. The summer solstice occurs at 6:59pm Friday.

Finally the weather maps agree that summer is near.


  • Dan

    Hopefully you meant “drier” rather than “direr” when you wrote:

    “The good news is the weather pattern is trending direr and warmer over the next two weeks.”

    Because, goodness knows, we’ve had enough “dire”-ness for a while!


  • Paul Huttner

    Thanks Dan:

    I couldn’t agree more!


  • Peter

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I would be perfectly content if the entire summer was just like the past few days. I don’t especially need to see 90, and my budget will be much happier if I can keep the A/C off and have it cool enough to bike to work.

  • Jacob

    I’m with Peter. The last four days have been outstanding.